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Our site will give you all the customers you need, you don’t need to be online on any other site.

So don’t waste your money or your time on other sites, keep it REAL keep it RealEscort :o)

Some of the features benefits of using RealEscort are:
1. Our site is designed so that advertisers and customers have the best experience possible.
2. We offer a great service and make sure you get the best from the site.
3. Good support, fast replies and, soon, 24 hour support worldwide.
4. Great FAQ, with guides to help you, with images and video to make it easier for you to understand.
5. You can edit your ad online 24/7 - 365 days a year, edit everything, from ad info to travelplan, to images, height, weight, cup size and so on.
6. You can upload all the pictures you want. (No limits on pictures to upload)
7. You can change and decide which pictures will be shown in you ad.
8. You can select which picture is your primary picture.
9. You don’t need to make your picture ready, our system will do it all for you.
10. You can edit your picture online, and Blur your face, or rotate or crop it.
11. You can create blogs that the members on the site can read and subscribe to.
12. You can get picture validated.
13. You can have reviews on your ad.
14. You can have video on your ad.
15. You can talk to customers directly in your account's internal, secure, message system. They will not see your email and you will not see their email.
16. You can buy a FrontPage ad and get on the front page.
17. You can buy a priority ad, which will be shown first in all lists on the site.
18. You can manage multiple ads from 1 login.
19. You can manage or have multiple ads in multiple countries, and manage them all from 1 login.
20. You can see statistics for all your ads, how many views, and how many visitors your ad has had.
21. You can have multiple phone numbers on your ad.
22. You can select which services you offer and visitors can click and see explanations if they don’t know what the service is, like 69 or something like that.
23. Multiple languages on the site, so that you can use the site in your own language and so can customers.
24. RealEscort is in many countries, many of which are free to advertise, and we are always adding more so soon you will never have to use another site for advertising your massage and escort ad.
25. Customers/users can bookmark your ad and add your ad to their favorites so they don’t forget you.
26. Customers/users can subscribe to your blog and get notified when you publish a new blog.
27. And much much more..

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